Private Classes

Private Class Description- Private Sessions are the best way of developing a strong foundation and true understanding of the Pilates method. Individual issues are addressed and a personal routine is designed to best suit the client’s needs.
Duet Class description (2 person session)-Duet sessions are a good way to experience many of the benefits of personal training, with a partner, at a reduced rate. They are a good idea if you and your partner are of similar fitness levels. They are not a good idea if you are recovering from an injury, or you have a physical condition or limitation that requires specialized attention.
Private and Duet sessions are available by appointment only
Please call to schedule a session

Small group mat/tower classes

Group Class Description- Group classes have a maximum of 6 people. The main focus is to work in correct form while experiencing a challenging and beneficial workout. Props and springs are used to help clients connect with their core muscles so they can truly execute the Pilates exercises from the inside out as was originally intended.
Fixed Class Times
Monday 6pm
Wednesday 6:30 pm
Seasonal Class Times
Depending upon demand additional class times may become available.
Please call for further info
Create your own class
3 or more people have the option of creating their own class time
Please call for further info

For safety purposes…..

 If you are new to Pilates it is highly recommended and in certain instances required, that you take at least 3 private sessions before participating in a group class.

It is not recommended that you consider joining a group class if you are recovering from an injury, or have a physical condition, or physical limitation that requires specialized attention.   Scheduling a private session is strongly encouraged.  

*Reservation required*

Please call to sign up for a group class